My husband and I were so excited when we heard from Mimi that she would be reopening after the Covid 19 closure.

I actually was already going to her original Chez Mimi restaurant when it started on West Washington Blvd! In the 1070’s! One of my favorite restaurants.

I would love to see her and to be greeted in French.

I was not yet married. And now my husband is just as enthusiastic about her as I am.

It has now been 40 years of going to Chez Mimi.

Her very personal and old fashioned way of advertising … with personalized actual announcements in the mail as well as her personal greetings to each of us is part of the magic.

The rest is the fantastic food … a blend of French, Quebecois and California cuisine.

Always delicious. Always friendly and warm.

I hope she’s there for many more years.

We all grew up together.

Bravo Mimi,

Lolita and Joe Metscher, Santa Monica