Did you know that a single rotation of an offshore wind turbine can power your house for an entire day? Yet, California–the state with the strongest coastal winds–has no offshore wind turbines at all. That seems like an enormous missed opportunity doesn’t it?

The US’ reliance on fossil fuels has detrimental effects on our planet and we need to decrease carbon emissions by transitioning to using clean energy. President Biden recently laid out a goal of achieving 30 GW of offshore wind energy by 2030 in his infrastructure plan. Offshore wind could be an extremely powerful source of clean energy in California, but remains untapped thus far despite its tremendous capabilities. Unlike solar energy, offshore wind is strongest at night, powering California’s power grid when it is needed most.

With a planning target set by California, other coastal states will likely follow California in its planning target, helping to reach Biden’s 30 GW goal by 2030. California, being such an influential leader in combating climate change, needs to set a planning target for offshore wind. AB 525, a bill from Assemblymember Chiu, would do just that.

Dani Fenster, Pacific Palisades