Santa Monica College (SMC) is pleased to present the Spring 2021 Green Screen Series, an informative series of free film screenings and discussions hosted by SMC film studies professor Sheila Laffey as an extension to her course, Green Screen: Films on the Environment and Transformation.
All presentations in the series are free and will be held online. A link to each presentation is available in the Green Screen Series listings on the SMC Events calendar at

The Green Screen Series is sponsored by SMC Global Citizenship.
The Spring 2021 Green Screen Series lineup is:
• Monday, April 5 at 3 p.m. – “Fantastic Fungi: Screening and Talk with Director Louie Schwartzberg, Hosted by SMC Film Studies Professor Sheila Laffey.” A time-lapse journey, seen through the eyes of mycologists like Paul Stamets and Suzanne Simard and narrated by Brie Larson, reveals the magical, mysterious, and medicinal world of fungi and their power to heal, sustain, and contribute to the regeneration of life on Earth. Award-winning cinematographer, director, and producer Louie Schwartzberg specializes in breathtaking imagery using his time-lapse, high-speed, and macro cinematography techniques. His theatrical releases include the 3D IMAX film Mysteries of the Unseen World with National Geographic, the documentary Wings of Life for Disneynature, and America’s Heart and Soul for Walt Disney Studios. Sponsored by SMC Global Citizenship.
• Monday, April 26, at 3 p.m. – “Kiss the Ground: Screening and Talk with Producer Bill Benenson and Compost Culture Founder Patrick Latting, Hosted by SMC Film Studies Professor Sheila Laffey.” Directed by Josh and Rebecca Tickell and narrated by Woody Harrelson, the film documents a revolutionary group of activists, scientists, farmers, and politicians who band together in a global movement of “Regenerative Agriculture” that could balance our climate, replenish our water supplies, and feed the world. Producer Bill Benenson is an award-winning filmmaker of several eco documentaries, including Dirt! The Movie, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival and was shown nationally on PBS for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Patrick Latting is a high school senior who started Compost Culture, which composts 1,700 lbs. of food waste per week in the Pasadena area. Sponsored by SMC Global Citizenship.

• Monday, May 10, at 3 p.m. – “Gather: Screening and Talk with Director Sanjay Rawal, Hosted by SMC Film Studies Professor Sheila Laffey.” A portrait of the growing movement among Native Americans to reclaim their spiritual, political, and cultural identities through food sovereignty, the film follows Nephi Craig, a chef from the White Mountain Apache Nation (Arizona), opening an indigenous café as a nutritional recovery clinic; Elsie Dubray, a scientist from the Cheyenne River Sioux Nation (South Dakota), conducting landmark studies on bison; and the Ancestral Guard, a group of environmental activists from the Yurok Nation (Northern California), working to save the Klamath River. Director Sanjay Rawal spent 15 years working on human rights campaigns globally. His first feature, Food Chains (2014), won numerous awards. He has also explored nontraditional filmmaking, applying narrative cinematic technique as he directed a sweeping expedition film — 3100: Run And Become — released theatrically in the U.S. in 2018. Sponsored by SMC Global Citizenship.

All programs are subject to change without notice, and new presentations may be added to the series. Up-to-date details are posted at and available by calling 310-434-4100.

Submitted by Grace Smith