As vaccination rates trend upwards and Covid case rates decline, local businesses and community leaders are eager to see the City on the road to recovery, which is the theme of the Chamber of Commerce’s upcoming ‘State of the City’ summit.

This year the annual event will air live on CityTV Channel 16 and be streamed on the City of Santa Monica’s YouTube channel on Feb. 24 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Registration is offered free to the community to encourage all residents to take part in the City’s economic recovery.

“Let’s make this a pivotal moment to reflect on all that we’ve worked so hard together to achieve in the shadow of the unprecedented pandemic and economic challenges,” said Mayor Sue Himmelrich. “We can seize this opportunity to look to the future and how we’ll rebuild together. Please, join us!”

Himmelrich, alongside Interim City Manager Lane Dilg, will deliver the 2021 State of the City Address and discuss both the progress made on local recovery so far and the steps needed to help businesses get back on their feet moving forward.

“Covid-19 has spotlighted our resilience as a community and our care for one another,” said Dilg. “Santa Monica’s road to recovery will be paved by our talented residents, businesses, and workforce working together to address our challenges together and to seize this moment of opportunity.”

Congressman Ted Lieu will also speak at the event, discussing economic recovery on a national level and ways that the federal government can support business revitalization in Santa Monica. Chamber President Laurel Rosen will deliver opening remarks.

“This change and this recovery is coming, bit-by-bit, one step at a time,” said Rosen. “It is all of our responsibilities to help one another find the tools, resources, inspiration, strength, and courage to keep moving ahead. It is up to us to do whatever we can, to see where support is needed, and to learn how we can be there to help others.”

The summit will be attended by many business and community leaders, with event sponsors including Boston Properties, Providence St. John’s Health Center, Cedar Sinai, Optimum Seismic, UCLA Health and Santa Monica Travel and Tourism.

This year there is additional emphasis placed on encouraging non-member residents to tune in, with the understanding that robust and rapid recovery will require the entire community working together.

The event will also discuss the many ways residents can get involved in recovery efforts, such as volunteering at food distribution centers, helping fund one of the Chamber’s Covid-19 small business recovery grants, and of course continuing to abide by social distancing and masking protocols.

“This city is filled with amazing people, whether they live here, work here, or run businesses here. People have shown a huge amount of tenacity and strength to pivot, adapt, and keep moving forward,” said Rosen. “Please help us help other people, so we can get back to business and have a city that’s thriving again.”

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