On 02/06/2021, at approximately 1:20 a.m.

Officers responded to a radio call of a burglary in progress near the 800 block of Woodacres Rd. The comments of the call indicted the resident could hear a person walking around on the second floor. The legal occupant of the home stated she was sound asleep in her 2nd floor bedroom when she heard the sound of her shower running and music playing although no one else was expected in the home. She immediately exited and called 9-1-1. While standing in front of the residence, officers observed moving shadows through the windows and could hear the water and music. Before entering, officers announced themselves via a loud speaker. Upon searching the house, they discovered an individual later identified as Jared Allan Grimaud ascending the main staircase. Grimaud was handcuffed without incident and escorted out of the home. After a walkthrough of the home, officers discovered Grimaud intended to sleep in an unoccupied bedroom in the home as blankets and personal items not belonging to the homeowner were found. Grimaud was booked for 602(m) PC and issued a citation. Officers also requested a stay away order for the 800 block of Wood Acres.