Big Blue Bus (BBB) announces that on February 14, 2021, fare collection and front door boarding will resume on all buses. In March 2020, BBB suspended fare payment and required customers to board through the rear doors to support social distancing between Operators and customers.

“We have retrofitted the fleet with laminated automotive safety glass protective barriers for the Operator’s compartment. These new barriers, along with enhanced safety measures onboard, will help ensure that fare collection and front door boarding can safely resume for our customers,” said Ed King, Director of Transit Services.

On February 14, BBB will also introduce a phased pilot program to study cashless boarding. The first phase includes the discontinuation of all paper pass sales on board its buses and at Blue: The Transit Store. BBB will continue to accept paper passes on board through April 2021.

Customers are strongly encouraged to transition to contactless fare payments with TAP or mobile tickets using the Transit or Token Transit apps. To help incentivize this fare payment transition, for a limited time, BBB will discount Single Ride fares for those making contactless payments. When paying with TAP or a mobile ticket, Regular customers will ride for only $1 each way or just $0.40 for Senior/Disabled/Medicare (S/D/M) customers.

TAP cards can be purchased and preloaded with BBB passes or a specified amount (Stored Value) online at, by phone at 866.TAPTOGO, via the TAP app (available on iPhone and Android devices), in-person at the Transit Store and over 400 TAP vendor locations, or Metro Rail Stations. Mobile tickets can be purchased for single rides and multi-day passes through Transit (BBB’s official app) or Token Transit.

Blue: The Transit Store is open for in-person service with modified hours of operation. Customers can safely visit the store to purchase or reload passes and Stored Value on TAP, to pick up a Reduced Fare TAP card application, to sign up for reduced fares on mobile tickets, to pre-pay for MODE (Mobility On-Demand Every Day) trips, and more.

To learn more about TAP and mobile ticket options, please visit

Submitted by Jennie Campos