Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m a 3-year-old female Pitbull named Bebe, and these days I’m howling at the moon ‘because I want to be adopted and have a family too. Despite being a people-person and always up for tons of play, the months go by in shelter with no adopter in sight, even though I have great manners, like a good sit and stay. I’m no fan of other dogs, and small animals cramp my style. A social life with people is what I need, and long walks, kisses, and cuddles will always make me smile. Don’t worry, I’m not needy, only independent and confident. With me it’s drama free and sweating the small stuff will be of no consequence. So, roses are red, violets are blue, this Valentine’s Day I hope to find my second chance, and I’m hoping it’s with you. Will you be mine? Bebe, ID#A060344, is available for adoption at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter located at 1640 9th Street, Santa Monica CA, 90404. The shelter is closed to the public and adoptions are by appointment only by calling the shelter at (310) 458-8595.


As the economy begins to reopen, many pet owners find that they are in need of care for their pets when they are away at work. But being away from pet owners can be one of the most stressful events for pets, especially those with unique needs. If you have been home during the COVID-19 Safer at Home order, this will be especially true for pets as it is a significant departure in their routine. What can support a healthy transition is acquiring in-home pet care that will customize the care of your pets to fit their daily routine, which will keep them better adjusted in your absence.

Internet searches will yield a long list of companies, but word of word-of-mouth is invaluable. Use neighborhood apps that offer an opportunity to engage with your community to get personal recommendations. It is also easy to trust the word of a friend and family member!

Read reviews. A client’s experience will offer you a diverse point of view on their services.

Check out their website and look for information on their services, staff, rates, credentials, COVID-19 safety protocols, and how long they have been established as it will reflect their reputation. Companies that are insured, bonded, and have a staff that are fully vetted, background checked, certified in pet CPR and first aid, and have education and commensurable experience working with animals, offers assurances that your home and your pet will be protected at all times by professionals that are qualified, competent, loving, and trustworthy.

Schedule an in-home consultation to meet your pet care provider in person. Ask questions on their experience working with animals, their company policies, the process of using their services, and if they have alternate pet care providers if your primary pet care provider becomes unavailable. Have them collect your pet’s detailed care and routine instructions thoroughly.

Accountability is a must! Most companies offer daily updates after every pet care visit which include photos, written reports, GPS timestamp of when your pet care provider arrived and left your home, and dog walking GPS routing so that you know where your dog was walked. Daily updates on pet care visits, and the disposition of your pet upon your return, will give insight as to whether your pet trusts and looks forward to their pet care provider.

Quality in-home pet care can provide your pet with a special relationship so that the experience away from you is an opportunity for a staycation. And most important, give you true peace of mind that your beloved pet is thriving while you are away!