On January 15 at approximately 6 a.m.

Officers received a report of a petty theft occurring near the 900 block of 7th Street. The caller stated a bike was stolen from a laundry room at the location and the suspect potentially sawed through the rear gate before fleeing northbound down the alley. While in route to the location, officers observed a black two-door Mercedes Benz near the 600 block of Idaho with a male wearing dark clothing placing a bicycle frame into the car. Based on the lack of others in the area, officers stopped to ask the vehicle occupant, Chad McClain, about the bicycle. One of the responding officers noticed a large tool handle sticking out of McClain’s front right pants pocket. Officers removed the 8” pliers from McClain’s pocket along with a 12” blue saw blade from his left pocket. A witness identified the suspect and the bike. The owner of the bike responded to the arresting location and was able to provide a key to unlock the U-lock found on the grass near where Mr. McClain was parked. A subsequent search of McClain’s vehicle uncovered additional bike parts and tools. Chad McClain was found to be on probation for theft and was arrested for 459 PC – Burglary. He was held on $50,000 bail.