On January 19, 2021 at approximately 2:50 a.m.

Officers observed the front Plexiglass window of the Van store located near the 400 block of Broadway was broken. Officers observed that the broken area was large enough for someone to make entry. After patrolling the area, officers encountered Macio Harger, riding a bicycle and carrying a long board with a Vans price tag attached to the wheel. Mr. Harger had been observed earlier in the evening in the area of Vans where multiple shoe boxes were stacked in the doorway holding a large black trash bag. Mr. Harger was detained pending the burglary investigation. A witness provided officers with a black trash bag filled with merchandise and identified Mr. Harger as having tossed it over the fence which Mr. Harger confessed to. A subsequent search of Mr. Harger’s belongings uncovered screwdrivers, bolt cutters, pliers and a saw blade. Mr. Harger was booked for 466 PC – Possession of Burglary Tools and 459 PC Burglary. He was issued a citation and released from custody.