The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has filed charges against Jason Scott Walsh, a 32-year-old white male, for discharging a firearm in a grossly negligent manner into an inhabited dwelling, along with additional charges.

On January 9, 2021 at approximately 9 p.m., officers from the Santa Monica Police Department responded to a report of possible ‘shots fired’ near the 400 block of 19th Street. A resident called 9-1-1 after hearing a “popping” sound and finding what he believed to be a bullet hole in the wall of his garage. Officers arrived and while speaking to the resident, they heard two additional muffled sounds coming from the residence just east of them on 20th Street. Officers responded to the 400 block of 20th Street and contacted Jason Walsh, who lives directly behind the residence where they began their investigation.

Officers conducted a protective sweep of Walsh’s residence in the 400 block of 20th Street, to ensure there was no one in need of medical assistance. During the check, officers did not locate any victims, however, did observe a firearm silencer/suppressor, which is illegal to own or possess in California. Officers contacted detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division (CID), who responded

and eventually obtained a search warrant to search Walsh’s residence. During the service of the search warrant, detectives located the following:

• A loaded AR-15 style assault rifle with an attached suppressor

• (2) 9mm handguns, one of which was loaded with and attached suppressor

• An ammunition re-loading device used for manufacturing ammunition

• Various unassembled assault rifle parts.

Detectives also located several spent bullet casings inside the home. Upon further investigation, Detectives discovered Walsh was on probation and had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest.

Walsh was subsequently taken into custody and the case was presented to the District Attorney’s Office. On January 12, 2021, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office reviewed the case and charged Walsh with the following crimes:

• 29800(a)(1) PC, Possession of a firearm with outstanding felony warrant; and possession of firearm by felon (2 counts)

• 30605(a) PC, possession of an assault weapon

• 33410 PC, Possession of a silencer

• 246.3(a) PC, Negligent discharge of a firearm

Bail for Walsh was set at $35,000. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was notified of the arrest and will review the incident for possible federal charges.

Anyone with any information related to this investigation is encouraged to contact the Detective D. Haro at (310) 458-8432 or the Criminal Investigations Division at (310) 458-8451.

Submitted by Lieutenant Rudy Flores