The SMMUSD board meets on Jan. 14 to fill the vacancy left when Oscar De La Torre accepted a position on City Council and of the applicants, Jason Feldman should clearly receive the appointment.

Of the 24 applicants Feldman is one of only two to have run in the recent election that created the vacancy, he has a strong backing among parents and his priorities are in line with the local community.

Anyone that feels so strongly about education that they’re asking to be put in charge of local schools had the opportunity to express that desire in the recent election. Only Feldman and fellow applicant Keith Coleman did so and their commitment unquestionably raises them to the top of the pack.

Of the two, Feldman received 14,078 votes and Coleman received 13,682. Voters had the chance to evaluate the two and favored Feldman. Given the proximity to the election, the Board should recognize the will of the voters in making its selection.

Aside from the election results, Feldman has secured the backing of a vocal and passionate group of parents. Two of his fellow candidates from the November election are backing him as are groups of parents associated with some of his priorities such as special education.

Both Feldman and Coleman were willing to endure the sometimes rough road of an election and both have remained active in local politics but Feldman was the preferred candidate of the two in November and deserves to be recognized as such with the appointment this week.

SMDP Editorial Board