On Thursday, December 10th 6:55pm

Officers were dispatched to the Shell gas station on the 1800 block of Lincoln regarding a Counterfeit suspect. Upon arrival, the cashier showed the Officers the counterfeit bill and relayed that the individual had tried to use it to pay for snacks. When the cashier pointed out that this bill was counterfeit and refused to return it, the individual went around the counter and aggressively approached the cashier. At this point, 911 was called and the individual walked away, stealing several items before walking out of the store. The cashier told police he did not desire prosecution for the theft, as long as the items were returned. Officers contacted the suspect, who agreed to return the items. However, a records check found that he was on parole for a 215 PC-Carjacking. Bennett was ultimately charged with 475(a)PC -Possession with intent to defraud and 3455(b)(1)PC- Parole violation.