Resurrected from Davy Jones’ locker of lease negotiations, ZJ Boarding House will return in Spring 2021 to its beloved original Main Street location.

Following the outpour of community mourning when the 33 year old mecca of surf and skate culture shut down in August, parent company Boardriders worked hard with the building’s landlord and local leaders to find a path forward.

The team is thrilled to share that a five year lease has been signed and major renovations are underway to reopen the store. In the interim, ZJs temporary smaller store will remain open in the building next door.

“ZJ Boarding House is such an integral part of the community and we can’t thank our customers enough for their patience and support of us over the years,” said Todd Roberts, co-founder of ZJs. “Thanks to the hard work of the community, of Boardriders, and of our landlord, we now have a plan in place that will continue to make this space the ultimate destination for everyone looking to have fun in and around the ocean, the mountains and beyond.”

Roberts and current Mayor of Malibu Mikke Pierson opened ZJs as a hole-in-the-wall surf shop in 1988. While both the store and the neighborhood have grown considerably since, the company’s family centered ethos and community spirit have remained constant.

Generations of skaters and surfers have grown up in and around the store, graduating from pesky groms to skilled athletes, devoted employees, and parents of passionate board riders. Several of the decades long ZJs family members will be back working in the store next spring.

Over the next few months renovations will bring a new roof, seismic retrofits, and substantial interior upgrades. Following this face lift the 4,900 square foot space will be open and ready to share the stoke.

“Spring 2021 can’t come soon enough,” said Ajai Datta, who leads US retail operations for Boardriders. “We’re all looking to turn the page on a challenging year that will ultimately make us stronger in the long run.”

Boardriders is an action sports and lifestyle company that owns leading brands including Quiksilver, Element, and Roxy and sells products in more than 110 countries. ZJs was bought by Billabong in 2015, which was acquired by Boardriders in 2018.

ZJs is proud to be part of the Boardriders universe and also retain its original management and local identity rooted in the Santa Monica community.

This summer ZJs saw record sales due to the pandemic related popularity boom of surfing and skateboarding. Datta hopes this translates into a larger long-term boardriding community that ZJs can provide service to for the foreseeable future.