King George III and Donald Trump both are "Mad Kings." Courtesy image.

As Covid deaths in America near 280,000, “insane duck” President Trump is forsaking golf to go to Georgia tomorrow to promote the two Republican U.S. Senate incumbents in the all-important January 5th run-offs. If the Democrats win both seats they’ll control the Senate. If the “Retrumplicans” win just one, “Moscow Mitch” McConnell will likely do to Biden what he did to Obama and block everything. (Apparently what he lives for.)

Oddly enough, Trump has viciously attacked the Georgia Governor and Secretary of State who voted for him. Their “sin” is that both insist the election was completely fair. Trump still whines about massive voter fraud but his lawyers haven’t provided any genuine evidence.

Seemingly every day another court, even when presided over by Trump-appointed judges, tosses Trump’s case into the toilet. But at a Wednesday press conference in Atlanta “Stop the Steal” lawyer Lin Wood said “Trump actually won 410 ‘electrical college’ votes.” (“Electrical”?) Recently pardoned Michael Flynn tweeted that Trump should impose martial law and have the military oversee “a revote of the election.”

But if, as Trumpists allege, the 2020 election was rigged by the Democrats with the help of Hugo Chavez who’s been dead for seven years and George Soros (seemingly they always have to include a Jew in their conspiracy) why did Republicans do so well? The GOP gained so many seats in the House that the Democrats will have the smallest majority in two decades.

As crowds of Georgia Republicans chanted “lock him up” referring to Governor Kemp, Trump declared “I’m ashamed I ever supported him.” But if we’ve learned anything about Trump is he’s shameless. Examine his unforgivable mishandling of the Covid pandemic.

On a February 7 phone call, Trump somberly told reporter Bob Woodward that Covid is “the plague, five times worse than the flu and is airborne transmitted far more dangerous than by contact.” And yet weeks later Trump mocked people wearing masks.

Consider the following. S. Korea and the U.S. discovered their first Covid case on the same day but the Koreans made mask-wearing mandatory. That might explain that, after adjusting for the population differences, the U.S. has 79 times more deaths. (Staggering!)

Before I go further, let me explain the unusual title I chose for this week. The “Mad King” refers to George III who apparently went insane after England lost the Revolutionary War, insisting the colonies would come crawling back.

Similarly, Trump claims hourly he won the 2020 election and is suggesting he will run again in 2024. (Assuming he’s not “living” at Leavenworth by then.) As for the Revolutionary War, on July 4th, 2019, Trump, a self-proclaimed student of American history, praised the Continental Army which “Took over the airports from the British.” (Airports in 1776?) Trump has also complimented Frederick Douglas whom he clearly thought was still living and said Andrew Jackson “was outraged over the Civil War,” even though Jackson died 16 years before the war began.

Using complex vocabulary, King George’s insanity included incoherent speeches (sound familiar?) and, on occasion, would foam at the mouth. Trump has an extremely limited vocabulary but he has yet to foam at the mouth. (However he often sniffs incessantly and, like a 4-year old, needs two hands to drink from a glass of water.)

With apologies to the late Ray Charles, Trump doesn’t have Georgia on his mind. The only thing ever on his mind is himself. Unable to bear being labeled a “loser,” Trump has called the Georgia election “rigged” so often, many Republicans are saying “Why should I bother voting.” (If only.)

This brings me to “Diaper Don” which has trended on the Internet. It originated with stand-up comedian Noel Casler, a former staffer on The Apprentice who saw Trump frequently snort Adderall on the set. Providing details, Casler insists Trump wears a girdle, lifts in his shoes and, having abused drugs so badly he became incontinent and uses Depends. (No wonder at the White House Melania not only sleeps in her own bedroom but also on a different floor than Diaper Don.)

In challenging Biden’s undeniable victory, Trump has successfully kept his rabid base ginned up. Just since the election, he’s raised $170 million for a “Vote Defense Fund” the majority of which will eventually line Trump’s pockets. (Jim Jones directed his cult followers to poison themselves whereas Trump goes after their last dollar.)

That brings me to the Pardon Palooza where there’s an DOJ investigation into whether they are being sold. Trump is reportedly considering preemptive pardons starting with himself, (duh) Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric, Jared and even crazy uncle Rudy.

“Lowlighted” by 280,000 Covid deaths, the Trump presidency is an epic failure. No border wall, no infrastructure, and no health care. As for his biggest promise of “draining the swamp,” instead he’s pardoning it.

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