The new protected bike lane on Ocean Avenue is wonderful. It makes for a more safe and pleasant bike ride, and provides a seamless connection from the Colorado Esplanade to the California Incline. Bravo to those in the city who had the vision and courage to get it done.

Cars and trucks are more than 60% of all carbon emissions in Santa Monica. If we are to have any hope of reaching carbon neutrality, we have to do everything we can to incentivize other modes of transportation. That means reconfiguring our streets where possible and expanding infrastructure for buses, bikes, and pedestrians. Electric cars alone won’t save us – they’re energy intensive to build, do nothing to alleviate traffic, and cause a significant amount of microplastic pollution from wear on tires and breaks.

Bikes are key to a more sustainable Santa Monica. I’m happy to see the city making it easier and safer for Santa Monica residents to use them.

Matthew Stevens, Santa Monica