I could not possibly agree more to Jim Estes‘ letter in the 11/26 edition. Taking away the right hand turn lane from Ocean Ave. to the California Incline is not well conceived. It now forces drivers who are turning right from the single lane to look back over their shoulder to see if any bicycle riders, who in some cases are going very fast, makes it safe to proceed.

It poses an additional hazard because now bicycle riders will have to stop or at least slow down for a green light as a driver is attempting to cross the bike lane to proceed down the Incline. Heretofore a driver could make that right hand turn without impeding bike traffic.

I would hope the City Planners would take the opportunity to test for themselves what Mr. Estes and I are trying to warn you about. Take this suggestion from one who attempts to make that turn a couple of times a day.

D. Bruce Murdoch

Santa Monica