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After nine years of service, Boris, a 10-year-old Belgian Malinois, is being retired from the Santa Monica Police Department. City Council recently approved the sale of Boris to his handler for the nominal sum of one dollar.

During the past nine years, police service dog Boris has been involved in numerous felony arrests and apprehensions, and has received commendations for his capabilities. Boris is also a cross trained narcotics detection canine who has assisted in many searches that resulted in significant seizures in the City of Santa Monica along with several other regional cities. Boris can no longer be expected to work with the needed energy and drive levels for patrol functions.

It has been Department practice, since the inception of the Canine Program, to transfer ownership of canines who have reached the end of their active service lives to their handlers for a nominal sum. This allows the handler, their family, and the police dog who has become a member of their family, to continue their journey together. Other law enforcement agencies that use canines have the same practice. This practice is in the best interests of the animal and removes the possibility of any potential liability to the City. Council has approved such transfers in the past when service dogs have reached an age or developed medical conditions which prevent their continued service.