On Wednesday, November 4 at 1:44 p.m.

SMPD Officers were dispatched to the Main Library near the 1300 block of 7th St. regarding an Indecent Exposure. The comments of the call stated that the individual was now chasing someone through the library. Upon arrival, Officers detained the Suspect as they spoke to the victims. The victim of the Indecent Exposure did not desire prosecution. The other victim relayed that the Suspect had come up to him and asked for a cigarette and began to become aggravated because the Victim would not leave the area quickly enough. Ultimately the Suspect punched the Victim twice in the mouth, causing a small laceration. When the Victim began to walk away, the Suspect followed him around as the Victim called the police. Steven Duane Scott was arrested for a 243(a)PC-Battery and 11364(a)(1)H&S-Possession of Smoking Paraphernalia, given that a glass pipe was found in his possession. A computer criminal records check revealed Scott was on Parole for 459PC-Burglary, from Ventura County and was further placed on a parole hold.

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