On Thursday, November 5th 6:57 p.m.

A Public Service Officer (PSO) was flagged down near Vons located on the 700 block of Broadway regarding a vandalism to a vehicle. The PSO broadcasted the incident and suspect description over the radio and Officers arrived on scene shortly after to take custody of the suspect and speak with the victim. The victim stated that he had parked his vehicle nearby to deliver clothing to a resident. As the victim unloaded his vehicle, the suspect began yelling at him from across the street while holding a large metal pipe. The victim continued with his delivery and upon returning found the suspect hitting his vehicle with the metal pipe. When the victim asked him to stop, the suspect chased him with the pipe. The PSO was flagged down shortly after and no injuries were sustained by the victim. Victor Dylan Jackson was arrested for 245(a)(1)PC- Assault with a Deadly Weapon and 594(b)(1)PC-Vandalism.