On Friday, October 23, at approximately 11:16 p.m.

Officers responded to a “Hot Prowl” call on the 1400 block of 19th St. An intruder had broken into an apartment and had an altercation with two individuals that were inside. The intruder ran off as one of the victims chased after him, eventually losing sight of him. The intruder then tried to break into a neighbor’s apartment while one of the first victims was on the phone with Dispatchers. When Officers arrived, they began to gather statements from the victims when suddenly the sound of glass breaking was heard nearby. The intruder was then spotted hiding behind a palm tree and began to run after Officers asked him to stop. Michael Vladimir Mathison was apprehended shortly after and booked for 459 PC- Burglary, 243 PC-Battery, and 594 PC- Vandalism.