10/12/2020, at approximately 3:25pm

Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) Communications advised responding officers that there was a “Vehicle Burglary in Progress” occurring near the 200 block of Bicknell Avenue. SMPD Communications further advised that a male suspect had been seen throwing a brick through a window of a dark colored vehicle. Upon arrival officers located a black four door Hyundai Sonata, which was occupied by a white male, who was later identified as the suspect, William Beheler. Officers observed the front passenger door of the vehicle was open, with Beheler sitting in the front passenger seat. They also observed a hole in the right rear passenger side door window and that the window had been shattered. Based on the fact Beheler forcibly entered a locked vehicle by throwing a brick through the window in an attempt to commit a theft, he was arrested for 459 PC – Burglary and 148(a)(1) PC- Resisting/ Delaying a Peace Officer for willfully resisting and delaying an investigation by failing to follow an officer’s commands as well his attempt to walk away when he finally exited the vehicle.