With a $5.2M annual budget and 25 full-time city employees, the Santa Monica Rent Control department by itself is the size of a medium-sized company.

This year’s race includes 4 candidates, 3 that have all previously served on the board. The SMDP recommends three endorsements for two seats, depending on your politics.

(Vote for 2)

These candidates have earned your vote.

Anastasia Foster (Incumbent)
Caroline Torosis (Incumbent)
Robert Kronovet

If you think the Rent Control Board has a good representation today, vote for Anastasia Foster and Caroline Torosis. They are running as a slate as incumbents and have mounted a real campaign. Both are very sharp, articulate and share similar views around renter protection. Foster has a unique view of being both a landlord (not in Santa Monica) and a renter.

If you think there should be a conservative voice on the Rent Control Board, vote for Robert Kronovet. He has served as the Chairman of the Pico Improvement Organization and was elected to the Rent Control Board previously. He understands the way the board works, and has mounted a real campaign for re-election.

We do not recommend:

Aishah Newson

Aishah Newson, while likeable on the podcast, has not shown any particular competency of current rent control issues. This makes sense, as the other three candidates have all served on the board for a term, but we cannot put Newson in the same category as the other highly qualified candidates.