I take great pride in calling Santa Monica my home. The city’s 2011 Bike Action Plan is one of the many reasons why.

The original plan was, and remains, a bold and ambitious project. It was one of the first proposals nationwide to approve the creation of more than a hundred miles of bike lanes and bike-friendly corridors and reinforced Santa Monica’s commitment to safer city streets, cleaner air and more accessible mobility options for all residents.

The proposed Bike Action Plan Amendment being voted on today is sourced and reflective of information gathered by city staff via the Santa Monica shared micromobility program. The natural extension of the original Bike Action Plan increases safety for cyclists and scooter riders, as well as shows meaningful progress towards the City’s laudable sustainability goals.

By taking this next step and voting to give the residents of Santa Monica greater access to separated bike lanes, our city leaders will yet again be at the forefront of a global movement—one that’s reducing cities’ dependence on privately-owned cars and ride hailing services and encouraging the adoption of clean, human and electric-powered mobility.

I encourage our residents and leaders to support the adoption of this proposed amendment.

Travis VanderZanden is the founder and CEO of Bird.