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With dozens of candidates running for the various school district, rent control board, and city council seats that are up for grabs this year, Santa Monicans will have a number of choices to make when they submit their ballots in November. Luckily, local political groups have already begun vetting candidates and making endorsements.

More than half-a-dozen organizations have made their endorsements known publicly this election season but a few more could be released prior to November.

Santa Monica Democratic Club

More than 100 ballots were cast by members of the Santa Monica Democratic Club who recently participated in the club’s annual forum to determine which candidates would receive the group’s backing in November. Ted Winterer, Ana Jara, Terry O’Day, Gleam Davis and Kristin McCowan were the City Councilmembers selected to receive an endorsement.

SMDC members believe Susan Aminoff, Rob Rader and Margaret Quinonez-Perez are the best candidates for the available seats on the Santa Monica College board and instructed residents to support Prop. 16 and Measure AB and oppose Prop. 22.

UniteHere Local 11 and Santa Monica Firefighters Local 1109

The two local unions also endorsed recently. UniteHere Local 11 backed incumbents while local firefighters endorsed Gleam Davis, Kristin McCowan, Christine Parra, Terry O’Day and Ted Winterer.

Community for Excellent Public Schools

“As voters consider their choices in the upcoming November 3 election, CEPS is proud to endorse community leaders who have demonstrated that they make education a top priority,” Chair Shari Davis said as she detailed the candidates who will be endorsed by CEPS this year.

For Santa Monica City Council, CEPS will back Gleam Davis, Ana Maria Jara, Terry O’Day, Ted Winterer and Kristin McCowan for the two-year seat. Aminoff, Quiñones-Perez and Rader were selected for the college board while Keith Coleman, Jon Kean, Maria Leon-Vazquez, Jennifer Smith are believed to be the top candidates for SMMUSD’s board.

CEPS also instructed residents to support Proposition 15, Proposition 16 and Measure SM.

Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City

“Our incumbent Councilmembers have failed us,” SMCLC’s website states as it details how Christine Parra, Mario Fonda-Bonardi and Phil Brock should be elected this year for City Council.

Santa Monica Renters Rights

Incumbents Ted Winterer, Gleam Davis and Ana Maria Jara were the only three full-term city council candidates to receive an endorsement this year after SMRR decided not to endorse challenger Mario Fonda-Bonardi or Incumbent Terry O’Day for the final seat on council.

Jennifer Smith, Jon Kean and Maria Leon-Vazquez will also have SMRR members phone banking on their behalf this year, and so will Caroline Torosis and Anastasia Foster, the two incumbents for Rent Control Board. The organization will also support incumbents Susan Aminoff, Rob Greenstein Rader, and Margaret Quinones-Perez for the college board.