On 28 July 1932 General Douglas MacArthur was assigned the task to prevent the Bonus Army from crossing Anacostia Bridge. They were to be left alone at their camp site on the other side of the bridge where they were expected to slowly leave Washington after being offered money to return to their homes. Instead, MacArthur refused to follow President Hoover’s direct orders to stop at the Anacostia Bridge and ordered his troops across the Anacostia Bridge and drove out the Bonus Army and destroyed their campsite. Two people died. The attack on the Bonus Army was a major factor in Hoover’s loss and FDR’s victory four months later. The stock market bottomed in July 1932 and the economy had by October 1932

Hoover demanded an investigation, a formal report was issued to the public on 11 Sep 1932, 45 days after the attack on the Bonus Army. Here in Santa Monica it has been more than 100 days since the events of 31 May 2020 and we still haven’t gotten a report issued to the public. Enough is Enough!

John Medlin

Santa Monica,