Santa Monica lawyer David Olan poses with Stormy Daniels. Courtesy photo.

A California court recently ordered President Donald Trump to pay $44,100 in attorney fees to porn actress Stormy Daniels to pay for her legal battle to cancel a hush money deal brokered to keep her quiet about their sexual relationship a decade ago.

The order in Superior Court in Los Angeles determined Daniels won her lawsuit against Trump over the agreement that was signed 11 days before the 2016 presidential election. As a part of that deal, the losing party would pay the lawyers fees.

Santa Monica trial lawyer David Olan said he won’t recoup the fees Daniels won in the recent suit but he remembers representing Daniels a couple of times in recent years.

Most days, Olan can be found in the ocean catching a wave but thanks to his good friend and well-known Oklahoma lawyer, Clark Brewster, Olan said he found himself in California courts fighting to void Daniel’s agreement with the president.

“We’ve done cases with a lot of celebrities in the past,” Olan said, stating he won’t share names since he’s not looking to brag, “but I’ve been a part of some big depositions.”

Olan has also consistently been recognized for many years as one of the top Super Lawyers in Southern California,” which is a decision made by peers to decide who’s the best of the best,” he said. “But what means the most to me is my belief in a higher ethical standard.”

Olan said he learned to appreciate morality and the value of ideals from his father, who was a “pioneer” before he passed away in 2011. “So even though we handle these large names from time to time, I like to think of us as a community,” Olan said. “We know our clients and we always provide quality representation.”

“I believe in just taking the high road and doing the right thing,” Olan added, which is why the Daniels case was a joy to work on.

“It was exciting representing Stormy because she has a really robust personality and she’s a really, really good person,” Olan said. “And that’s the thing to being a lawyer — there’s nothing better than having a client that you really believe in. And to witness them win a case, one that you helped them on, that is is probably the best feeling in the world.”