Interim City Manager and Director of Emergency Services Lane Dilg issued a twenty-fourth supplement that allows enforcement against prohibited large gatherings and extends Santa Monica’s local emergency declaration and all associated orders to September 30, 2020. Later expiration dates stated in specific supplements remain unchanged.

The twenty-fourth supplement holds persons responsible for holding or allowing large gatherings—defined in the supplement as gatherings of 20 or more—at a residence or other private property strictly liable regardless of whether the person was present at the gathering.  Violations are punishable as a misdemeanor or by administrative citation. The supplement also allows the City to shut off utilities (water service) at locations where large gatherings are held. This is intended to make explicit that these “super spreader” events are strictly prohibited in Santa Monica and will be enforced as private parties have increased regionally. While the twenty-fourth supplement focuses on large gatherings of 20 or more persons, gatherings with non-household members in smaller numbers remains generally prohibited by LA County’s Safer at Home Order. 

The supplement outlines the following:

Prohibited gatherings are any gatherings of 20 or more natural persons who are not part of a single household or living unit, unless the gathering is expressly permitted by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Safer at Home Order.

Responsible persons include owners, tenants, landlords, and managers of properties, and the persons who organize the prohibited gatherings, regardless of whether they are present at the gathering.

Administrative penalties are set at $500 for a first violation, $750 for a second violation, and $1,000 for a third violation committed within one year.

After issuance of a citation to an owner, tenant, landlord, or manager, the City may also shut off utilities (water service) to the residence or other private property.

The supplement also extends the eviction moratorium for commercial tenant 1s (as defined in the Fifth Revised First Supplement) through September 30, 2020.

Santa Monica extends its local emergency orders as key metrics continue to show community spread of COVID-19. Yesterday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced 1,198 new cases of COVID-19, and Santa Monica has recorded 744 total COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic.

“We are making progress toward recovery following the mid-July surge in COVID-19 cases. Recovery depends on all of us remaining vigilant, especially as we approach a holiday weekend when it can be tempting to gather,” said Interim City Manager Lane Dilg. “Return to school and to our civic life requires each of us to make smart choices every day. Private events that violate public health rules designed to put us back on track will be subject to fines and other enforcement action in Santa Monica.”

Physical distancing remains a requirement along with wearing a face covering to prevent the spread of COVID-19 whenever you are outside your home. Please comply with physical distancing and face covering requirements posted by businesses and recreational facilities. You can be fined $100 for not wearing a face covering. For a list of local businesses selling face coverings, visit Frequent hand washing, not gathering in groups or crowds, and staying home if you are sick are vital measures to continue to flatten the  COVID-19 curve, lower our regional COVID-19 case rate, and continue to make progress in reopening regional businesses.

For the latest information, please visit, or call the City’s Coronavirus Hotline at (310) 458-8400.

Submitted by Constance Farrell, Public Information Officer