The Adoptable Pet of the Week is available from the Santa Monica Animal Shelter. Courtesy photo.

Hi, I’m Bernie. I’m a 4-year-old, male, Pitbull. I’m shy, and can be apprehensive with new people. But patience calls me out of my shell. Once I’m out and about, I can’t get enough attention from people! Loyal and cheerful, I’m always eager to see my human friends, always beckoning for their affection, and I return my tender love in kind. My sweet nature is only matched with my independence. I remain quiet, and well-adjusted when I’m alone. Besides my warm personality, I’m proud to say that I‘m proficient in my basic skills like sit, stay, down, and shake. I would fit best in a home with a family that understands that relationships are a process, and who are looking for a softhearted friend. Bernie, ID#A060037, is available for adoption at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter located at 1640 9th Street, Santa Monica CA, 90404. The shelter is closed to the public and adoptions are by appointment only by calling the shelter at 310.458.8595.


Summer is here and so is the heat which can cause challenges for exercising dogs! But there are plenty of ways to keep your dog cool during activity, while still enjoying some fun in the sun!

The sun is at its most intense during the midday and afternoon hours. Walk your dog in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler. If your schedule does not permit early or late walks, limit your dog’s walks to half the time, take it slow, and keep to the shade.

Booties and paw wax can protect your dog’s paws on hot surfaces.

Sunscreen formulas suited for dogs can prevent sun burn. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

Keep your dog hydrated! Carry water and portable water bowls on walks, have bowls of water in-and-around play areas, yards, and in their crate. Add ice cubes to their water on those especially hot days.

Bathe your dog more often, or even take them for a swim! It’s a good source of exercise, and can be a great bonding experience.

Kiddie pools for your dog provides opportunity for fun play!

Provide plenty of shade in your yard if your dog spends most of their time outdoors.

Dogs do not sweat! Look for signs of dehydration that may require immediate veterinary attention like panting, excessive drooling, lethargy, difficulty breathing, pale appearance, blood shot eyes, dizziness, lack of coordination, unusual agitation, vomiting, diarrhea, slow bounce back of your pet’s skin.

Keeping your dog cool on a hot summer days can keeps them safe, and create opportunities for lots of fun!

Pet of the Week is provided by Carmen Molinari, a long-time volunteer at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter and founder and CEO of Love At First Sit, a pet care and dog training company in Santa Monica. Learn about her, pet tips, and Love At First Sit services at