A coronavirus outbreak occurred this summer on a street near the University of Southern California where many fraternities are located, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The university detected about 40 cases of people living on 28th Street who tested positive for COVID-19, said Dr. Sarah Van Orman, USC’s chief student health officer.

Van Orman said a significant number were associated with four fraternity houses but it wasn’t clear that the infections involved fraternity members, who often lease out rooms during summer, the Times reported Thursday.

The outbreak is now mostly over, with no new cases for the last week or so, Van Orman said.

Overall, about 150 USC students and employees have tested positive for the virus.

The university’s plans for the 2020-2021 academic year call for most students to learn online, but some will be on campus, with measures such as strict physical distancing in place.

Housing will be limited to one student per bedroom in USC residence halls, suites, and apartments. Some rooms will remain vacant so that space will be available for students to quarantine if a surge of infections occurs during the semester.

On Aug. 3, USC will have an external company begin a program of testing campus populations to identify, isolate, contact trace and contain new infections.