Drew Miller

The Santa Monica Police Department has arrested Drew Miller for throwing a full 40-ounce glass bottle at the back of the head of a peace officer during the civil unrest and rioting in the City of Santa Monica on May 31.

According to SMPD, the large glass bottle shattered on the peace officer’s helmet causing injury. On Friday, July 17, the Santa Monica Police Department obtained an arrest warrant for Miller and placed him under arrest for 245(c) of the California Penal Code – Assault with a deadly weapon upon a peace officer. Miller was transported to the Santa Monica Jail Facility and held on $500,000 bail.

Anyone with information pertaining to any crimes committed in the City of Santa Monica on May 31, is asked to share that information by calling 310-458-8451 or by email to crimetips@smgov.net.

Submitted by Lieutenant Joseph A. Cortez

Matthew Hall

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