The new book by Mary Trump has already set sales records. Courtesy photo.

Mary L. Trump, Donald’s estranged niece, a licensed clinical psychologist with a PH.D, just released her book about her mentally unbalanced uncle. Because a 20 year old Non Disclosure Agreement Donald prepared was “fraudulent” (duh) Mary is on the book tour. “My uncle is emotionally unfit to be president and as such is incredibly dangerous.” If it’s depressing how many are afraid of Trump, it’s encouraging Mary isn’t.

Mary is the daughter of Donald’s older brother, Fred Jr. who at 42, suffered a massive heart attack attributed to alcoholism and was rushed to the hospital. The family sat vigil at the Trump manor in Queens, though Donald got bored and went to the movies.

Sadly, Freddy died and, coincidentally. when his mentor, Roy Cohn, who pulled strings to get Maryanne a Federal Judgeship, was dying of AIDS, Trump also refused to visit him. (But there was no mention of going to a movie.)

Another time of grief for the Trump “Klan” (sic) was when Fred Sr. passed away from Alzheimer’s in 1999. While the rest of the family was mourning, Donald was busy illegally devaluing his father’s estate by a few hundred million dollars.

It’s ironic, because, when applying for loans, Trump illegally increased his assets by a few hundred million. With Mary’s confidential details, these criminal practices were documented in a Pulitzer Prize winning series in the N.Y. Times.

Speaking of prestigious awards, Donald feels entitled to a Nobel Prize. Perhaps for suggesting injecting disinfectant to fight COVID-19 or dropping a nuke into the eye of a hurricane?

Trump has committed endless crimes, but if he loses in November, a Federal pardon in New York wouldn’t apply. (Maybe he’d wind up a cell mate of Harvey Weinstein?) But, if he’s re-elected the Statute of Limitations could run out. (I say that as I bite my tongue.)

Mary’s book is quite scholarly and dovetails with what over 50 esteemed psychiatrists and mental health experts have written over the years. With a tyrannical father and neglectful mother, Mary notes that Trump checks all 9 boxes for malignant narcissistic disorder. She cites his pathological lying, cheating, lack of a conscience and basic human empathy.

The latter is evidenced by “kids in cages,” separating families at the border, mocking the disabled, and Gold Star families and being one of the most racist presidents in history. Trump lives for “revenge,” which reportedly he has said, “is better than sex.” (According to Stormy Daniels, it certainly lasts longer.)

For the family and friends of the 140,000 who died from COVID-19, Trump couldn’t even feign empathy. Shockingly tone deaf, he said, “Next year, financially speaking, will be tremendous.”

And what other POTUS has hated dogs? Frankly, Trump seems incapable of love for humans. (Other than for Putin and Kim Jung-un.)

During a presser, when referring to Barron, Trump once said, “The First Lady has a young son,” as though he forgot he was the father. On the occasion of a recent wedding anniversary Trump admitted on Fox and Fiends (sic) he was too busy to buy the First Lady a gift. The hosts were shocked, so Trump suddenly said he had bought her flowers and a card, which even they knew was pathetic lie.

Mary stipulates his sister Maryanne, who refers to Trump as “a clown,” did all Donnie’s homework but, to take his SAT he allegedly hired Joe Shapiro, an exceptionally gifted test taker. (Joe eventually lived at the Shores and was my first tennis partner when the Ocean View Courts opened in 1987.)

I was also friends with Joe’s wife, Hall of Fame tennis star, Pam Shriver, who insists her late husband was a man of the utmost integrity. She admits, however, when she met Trump he told her Joe, who was Disney’s top lawyer, was the smartest person he’d ever met.

Digressing briefly, Pam once called to see if I’d practice tennis with her. I was thrilled but felt obligated to mention, “Pam, I’m not as good as the players you normally practice with.” She responded, “Yes, I’ve seen you play.” I joked, “Pam, you didn’t have to agree with me so fast!”

Speaking of the SAT, when I was an 11th grader I was offered $50 by my sister’s boyfriend’s best buddy, Larry Kates, eventually the owner of the Shores. I was to take the exam for Ron Samuels so he’d be admitted to USC and be Kates’ fraternity brother. (Samuels ultimately married Linda Carter and managed her “Wonder Woman” career which ended with their bitter divorce.)

Frankly, I was flattered that a college senior thought I was smart enough. (Or naive enough?) Without a word to my sister, I passed the SAT with semi-flying colors and Samuels got into SC. Another frat brother, a cheapskate parking lot owner, paid me with 200 quarters. (Served as laundry money when I was a college freshman.)

In my opinion, Trump is guilty of: Obstruction of justice, bribery, witness tampering, tax fraud, and treason to name but a few. Given my checkered SAT past, I’m hoping Mary views her uncle’s SAT fraud, as the lesser of his myriad of sins. Now I’m going to confess all this to my sister.

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