To the editor:

My thanks for the article on the House Select Committee’s plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Despite the dire consequences, we will face if we fail to take action, Republicans continue to obstruct all efforts to pass legislation curtailing the use of fossil fuels. They cite the cost to our economy stemming from the loss of oil and coal jobs, yet they choose to ignore the growing economic costs resulting from the effects of climate change.

Economists and scientists alike agree that putting a price on carbon is the best first step in reducing emissions. And so do most Americans. In a recent survey by Yale University program on Climate Change Communication, 66% of respondents favored requiring fossil fuel companies to pay a carbon tax.

Since January first, there have been eight carbon pricing bills introduced between the Senate and the House of Representatives. In addition there are at least a half dozen other bills dealing with climate change. Several even have bipartisan support.

Despite the dire warnings from climate scientists, none of the bills have gotten referred out of committee. Without Republican support, particularly in the Senate, it is unlikely that any of them will be seriously considered as long as we have a climate change denier in the White House. But I applaud the efforts of House Democrats for teeing up this issue as a major campaign issue.

Barry Engelman,

Santa Monica