The accusations in a recent letter re: Santa Monica’s police union having the power to strong-arm council members over City Manager decisions has no basis in fact! It is theoretically possible … but it has not occurred in Santa Monica. One can not find any current or former council member to support such a falsehood. Even Tony Vasquez can not claim any undue influence by the union. But we never supported him in my tenure.
Police Unions are supportive of politicians whose goals and values include providing a safe work environment, pay/benefits and a good image so as to attract the best people to serve and protect the City, its residents and the visiting public.
After 30+ years in Santa Monica PD, as a third generation member of SMPD, I can assure you that in my 25 years on the Board of Directors of the union no such unethical act occurred. Although as the L.A. District Attorney’s records will show, a council member we had supported tried to force the union to wrongfully change a membership vote to her likening.
Let’s not forget that the Cities of Bell, and South Gate had their city corruption exposed by their police unions.

Steven H Brackett
SMPD (Ret.)