Thank you for your service dad!

And for being the greatest father ever and for being one of the few, if not the only, examples left on earth of real old school professionalism, honesty and ethics! Particularly because, one thing is for sure this memorial day in 2020, the pendulum has made a full swing, from the greatest generation to a culture of cowards! And at the tip of that cowardice iceberg, along with Trump is, our Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo! He too is a disgrace! Not only to America in general, but to his alma maters in particular, two of the greatest schools ever: the United States Military Academy at West Point and Harvard Law school.

My whole life, I’ve been beyond proud of my dad! He too graduated near top at West Point (’54) and Harvard Law (’61). And I have always been beyond pleased to share that, with pride! I remember years ago, at my dad’s law office, I asked, “how’s business dad?” He said, looking up from his desk, “Andrew, I don’t have a business, I have a profession. If you want to make money go into business, if you want to make a good living and help people, go into a profession.” Unfortunately, that world is long gone! Now, inexcusably, we have the likes of Pompeo doing everything he can to tarnish America, and the reputations of these two venerable institutions. Like Trump, Pompeo is truly a pathetic man and history will reflect accordingly.

However, the curtain has been pulled long ago on Pompeo, and Trump! Showing clearly that they are both con artists and cowards! Even with Pompeo’s blatantly corrupt, recent firing of the Inspector General, however, he seemed to have already hit rock bottom. As his overt declaration of cowardice was clearly and despicably illustrated by, among other things, actually putting in fear and at risk our extremely honorable, outstanding and beloved by all, ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch! That was more than enough proof as to what con-men and ultimate cowards Pompeo and Trump truly are! If you don’t see that, you are beyond blind.

Notwithstanding Pompeo doing everything possible to continue tarnishing both West Point and Harvard Law school, they have produced, and will continue to produce, some really brilliant and honorable people! Thanks again dad, for being one of the only truly honest and ethical men I know, and for teaching me what professionalism truly is. Tragically, it no longer seems to exist as the pendulum has, as mentioned, now swung all the way, from the greatest generation to a culture of cowards! Dad, thanks again for your service and for everything else, on this memorial day and every day, sincerely!

Andrew Milder

Los Angeles

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