Residents tend to be well attuned to our community vibe. We see and hear things, we intuitively know what feels right and what needs to be amplified for our re-envisioned community and our revised budget. The way to true community wealth prioritizes the interests of residents first.

Residents First — We want our priorities to:

  • Value our shared common resources as a framework for going forward;
  • Amplify our common interests and mutual benefit;
  • Focus on serving the common good and the mutual benefit of our residents, first and always.
  • Residents First — Two priorities:
  • Library: Community hub of our information age and cherished “3rd space” within our neighborhoods, let us envision a renewed and more vibrant library for 2021;

Broadband: Aligned with our library as core and hub of a digitally informed and connected community, let us develop our infrastructure with non-profit, community owned, high-speed fiber optic broadband for every home, enterprise and community space.

Yours sincerely,

Arlene Hopkins

Member: Library Board of Santa Monica

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Franklin, Benjamin; The Way to Wealth, Benjamin Franklin.  1758

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  1. City Council and Santa Monica City officials work for us! Not the tourists and international investors, our city government works for us. Santa Monica would be wise to shift our economic focus to the priorities of our local community.  

    I agree with Arlene Hopkins, “The way to true community wealth prioritizes the interests of residents first.”

    Libraries and broadband access for all residents will provide the knowledge our community members need to thrive and prosper well into the future.

    “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin, The Way to Wealth, 1758

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