A Big Blue Bus travels down Fourth Street. File photo.

On May 24, Big Blue Bus (BBB) will adjust schedules on twelve routes and suspend service on four routes in response to the impacts of COVID-19.

“Our goal is to preserve service based on ridership demand and social distancing guidelines while providing a critical service to our community,” said Ed King, Director of Transit Services. “We look forward to serving new and returning customers and will continue to maintain rigorous health and safety measures on board our buses.”

The goal of this service change is to address the needs of customers who have continued to ride BBB for essential trips since March, while being responsive to returning customers. BBB will retain 70% of a typical summer service schedule while providing sufficient service levels in order to maintain social distancing. Policies such as rear-door boarding, face covering requirements for customers riding BBB, and enhanced cleaning and sanitization efforts, will remain in place until further notice.

Changes include:

  • Rapid 3 and Rapid 7 will not be in service, instead customers can utilize Route 3 and Route 7 service which maintains regular weekday frequency.
  • Routes 42 and 44 will not be in service. Route 42 customers can utilize Route 41 instead.
  • Weekday service on Route 2, Rapid 12, and Route 14 adjusted to every 18-25 minutes most of the day.
  • Weekday service on Routes 8, 9, 17, and 18 adjusted to every 27-30 minutes most of the day.
  • Weekday service on Routes 5, 15, 16, and Rapid 10 adjusted to every 50-60 minutes most of the day.
  • Minor routes changes on Routes 9, 41, and 43.

May Service Change details are available in both Spanish and English at www.bigbluebus.com/servicechange where customers can also preview and print schedules. Please note there will be no printed Little Blue Book or brochures on board buses.

All third-party applications such as Transit, Google Maps and NextBus will display new schedules beginning Sunday, May 24. Customer Service staff will also be available to answer any questions at 310-451-5444, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Blue: The Transit Store located inside the GoSaMo Center will remain closed to the public until further notice.

Submitted by Jennie Campos, Community Engagement & Customer Experience Manager

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