Nurses across the country, including here in Santa Monica, at St. John’s Hospital, have been protesting dire shortages of masks and other basic PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic that has pushed the nation’s profit-driven healthcare system to the breaking point. Yet Trump’s response is for an aerial salute to those on the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus, with the Air Force’s Thunderbirds flyover in Southern California, Friday.

The Blue Angel and Thunderbird planes cost at least $18 million each, and an estimated $60,000 in fuel is burned to fly a squadron for one hour.

Wouldn’t that money would be far better spent on personal protective equipment (PPE) for nurses and staff on the frontlines of the coronavirus battle.

Andrew Liberman

Santa Monica

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  1. sometimes, money is set aside or DESIGNATED for certain things. EX: SM Big Blue Bus (about 5 yrs. ago) put up those stupid little BLUE circles that were suppose to give shade. What a joke! Now, 2 yrs. ago, they started REDOING those and the seats, because the seats were too small and hard for seniors to get to sit down. They fit like the OLD SCHOOL DESKS.
    They still have NOT made the tops for shade for people!
    When we asked the BBB about WHY this was done in the first place? They said they RECEIEVED money allocated specifically for BBB, and if they didn’t use it, they would
    loose it. ??????
    Stupid, right??

  2. Mr. Liberman…spot on! Bravo. Maybe the House of Repreentatives should pass a resolution of censure of the President for wasting tax dollars.

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