Dan Kelly, Vice President, Regional Account Manager, Multi-Family Lending, has been selected to receive the Banner’s Best award. This award represents the highest level of recognition within the company and the recipient is truly Banner’s best.

Kelly, based in Santa Monica, received the Banner’s Best award for surpassing his individual professional goals in 2019, demonstrating excellence within his respective profession, and exemplifying outstanding service to clients, community and fellow colleagues.

“During challenging times, and perhaps especially during such times, it’s important to honor those who exemplify our value proposition of being connected, knowledgeable, responsive,” said Mark Grescovich, Banner Bank President and CEO. “It is my pleasure to recognize our Banner’s Best employees for delivering outstanding service to our clients, communities and one-another.”

Fewer than four percent of all Banner employees receive this award. Recipients are selected by members of executive leadership.

Submitted by Rick House

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