On May 3 at 6:30 p.m., the Committee for Racial Justice will present its monthly gathering by means of Zoom on the subject of how the Corona pandemic is affecting our Black Communities.

The two resource people will be Will Gordh and Nana Gyamfi.

Will is a freelance filmmaker and the director of the ongoing YouTube news commentary Some More News.

Nana, a social justice movement attorney, is executive director of Black Alliance for Just Immigration. She is also the host of the radio show, Conversations on the Way, the Asefo Edition.

Will and Nana will address such questions as the following:

In what ways are Black people being hit harder than other demographic groups by the Corona Virus Pandemic?

What are the main reasons why this is so?

What false narratives are being spun by opponents of racial justice? What are the best responses to these?

What remedies should anti-racists be demanding?

What are the greatest dangers facing Black people during this crisis, and how may these be countered?

What opportunities for progress toward racial justice may present themselves as lessons are learned from this disaster?

There will be Q and A and discussion after the presentations.

If you’re not on the CRJ email list and are interested in joining for a program that could not be more timely, call Joanne at (310) 422-5431 to have the zoom contact information emailed to you.

Submitted by Joanne Berlin

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