Will we lose our U.S. Postal Service, from 6th Street, to 14th and Wilshire, and beyond — as an act of normal?

On the one hand, Boeing, a giant private failing corporation, is getting a big government bailout. But the cash strapped USPS, which offers a vital public service, is getting nothing, as Trump blocks funding for our mail. His remedy is that they raise their prices.

With irresponsible Boeing corporate leadership selling unsafe airplanes that killed hundreds, trying to hide its failures, and squeezing billions in public subsidies out of the state of Washington, normal is giving a bailout and leaving Boeing unchanged.

And their leaders (and other employers getting government bailouts) remain in their traditional positions of making all key enterprise decisions exclusively and privately.

Why doesn’t Boeing just “raise it’s prices” to survive?

The cold truth is normal “free enterprise” is miserably failing us in Santa Monica and the nation.

Andrew Liberman

Santa Monica

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