The Adoptable Pet of the Week is available from the Santa Monica Animal Shelter.

Hi, I’m Coco, a female Red Eared Slider! While I usually pass the time seeking out the next great rock to soak up the sun, these days I find myself homeless. Always one to have a pond-half-full attitude, I believe a real home equipped with a large warm pond and lots of rocks are in my near future. Carefree and well adjusted, I settle in quickly and strive to keep it peaceful and chill! So, let’s be BFF’s already. I won’t even make you throw in a bikini! Coco, ID#A059748, is available for adoption at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter located at 1640 9th Street. The shelter is closed to the public and adoptions are by appointment only by calling the shelter at (310) 458-8595, Tuesday through Saturday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. For a full list of adoptable animals, visit

Pet Tip Of The Week: Turtle Adoption

Red Eared Sliders make wonderful pets for people that do not mind their independent nature and attending to their special care. These water turtles are low-key, easily acclimate to new environments, and can often greet their owners with anticipation and enthusiasm. A source of entertainment, they are always up to something! Digging, doing tricks in the water, and chasing down prey. To them, goldfish are a delicacy! With proper care, a Slider’s lifespan can be up to 50 years, remaining a companion for most their human’s life. Plus, they’re cute!

Red Eared Sliders prefer not to be handled, spend most of their time in water, and basking in artificial light or sunlight on surfaces such as rocks and logs. They require large ponds or aquariums with a source of heat like UV lamps or natural light. Since Sliders spend the majority of their time in water, their water carries salmonella and requires frequent cleaning. Hands must be washed before and after handling them, and cleaning their living environment. When Sliders are handled, special attention must be taken as being dropped can cause them fatal injuries.

Because of these requirements, Red Eared Sliders are not suitable pets for young children. Especially those that are five years old and younger. They are however, a great addition to a home that has adults and older children looking to bond with a pet that marches to the beat of their drum, and willing to take on the responsibility to meet their needs.

Pet of the Week is provided by Carmen Molinari, a long-time volunteer at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter and founder and CEO of Love At First Sit, a pet care and dog training company in Santa Monica. Learn about her, pet tips, and Love At First Sit services at

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  1. Theresa that park on wilshire that’s full of those turtles. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind one more.

  2. We just found one near our house on Michigan. Passing neighbor on her walk found it in the street and moved it to the sidewalk. We will post flyers. Any advice for how to care and feed?

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