A Vons in downtown Santa Monica will be demolished to make way for a five-story building containing 260 apartments, including 65 affordable apartments.

The mixed-use development will include a 53,000 square-foot grocery store on its ground level and another 33,000 square feet of retail elsewhere in the building. Developer Related California will replace the large parking lot on the property at 710 Broadway with an underground garage with 390 parking spots.

The Planning Commission and Architectural Review Board have suspended meetings due to coronavirus, so it is unknown when the project will have a public hearing.

Related California previously completed The Village at Santa Monica, a $350-million mixed-use complex on Ocean Boulevard and Olympic Drive, across the street from Tongva Park.

The Vons project joins several others planned or under construction on Lincoln Boulevard and Colorado Avenue.

At the corner of Lincoln and Colorado, a five-story, 90-unit building from Century West Partners is nearing completion at 1601 Lincoln Blvd., and WS Communities is building a five-story, 100-unit building at the corner of Lincoln and Colorado on a lot at 1550 Lincoln Blvd. formerly occupied by a Denny’s.

WS Communities is also planning a five-story, 98-unit building at 1650 Lincoln Blvd. and an eight-story, 69-unit building at 701 Colorado Ave.

Urbanize L.A. was the first to report that the Vons development had progressed.


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  1. Headline is a little misleading since the grocery store is not being replaced. The grocery store will have an apartment building above it now for the good or bad.

  2. what happened to the 3 story building height that was passed many years ago? Are we greasing the palms so much that they can keep building these monstrosities? The plans were not to turn Santa Monica into the Wilshire Corridor or parts of New York!!!!!

  3. I’m betting that the new supermarket planned for this space will not be a general use, affordable one like Vons, since the permit mentions “on site tastings” of alcohol. So, another overpriced uber premium market. Already too many WF in the area. A Gelsons is already right down Lincoln. Erewhon already in Venice and up on WIlshire. Bristol Farms? That stretch of Lincoln is becoming a truly ugly five story urban canyon, when it could have been so much more, with a little planning. WE NEED TO BE VIGILANT AND PROTECT BAY CITIES!! Could it be next?

  4. What person in his/her right mind wants to live on congested Lincoln Blvd which is about to become even more congested?

    The very definition of insanity.

  5. Wow. Not surprised. It has become a festering ground for the homeless. Change is good but Santa Monica desperately needs a Sprouts instead. I vote to demolish the building adjacent to the new Fire Station on Santa Monica / 7th and turn to a Sprouts/Trader Joe’s.

  6. Unfortunate that so many writers for our local papers don’t know Santa Monica has no “Ocean Boulevard.”

  7. Another apartment building we don’t need because who can afford them.

    You are also getting rid of the only big grocery store that people can walk to if they can’t get anywhere else because of limitations.

    Plus what are the rents for fixed low income people and that seem like a low percentage especially when you have senior or disabled.

  8. Just what we need. More traffic on Lincoln and more congestion in our Little Beach Town. How did this get through and what council members sold out so I can hold them accountable at the ballot box in November. How about some parkland instead. I have lived in SM since 1963 and find it sad that the residents left out of decisions that impact us all.

  9. I’m all for regentrification but what the hell is the city thinking? Traffic on Lincoln is already terrible with all the new high-density buildings currently under construction.

  10. Im sadden that the city keeps allowing tall large apartment complexs to go up. Between Culver City and Santa Monica building up we will soon look like down town Los Amgeles and New York…Ejst a disturbing thought. Less sun light less openness and constricted ability to see the sky and scenery. How about our beautiful coast line. Congestion more cars and crowding. Our Eco system is riddled with problems as it is. When will we learn?

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