Cleo the cat

Hi, I’m Cleo! I’m a 6-year-old female brown tabby. As the former Barbara Walters of Feline Primetime, I’m probing in my in-depth conversations. A few years reporting on some of the most hard-hitting headlines from the alley trenches, I’ve decided to switch careers and pursue being the lady of a human’s house. These days I prefer taking 16-hour naps, detailed petting from humans, and good conversation. Preferably while being showered with endless terms of endearment. I’d be over-the-moon for an opportunity of second chance so that continue to engage in insightful conversation and share my love with my new family. Cleo, ID#A059128, is available for adoption at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter located at 1640 9th Street, Santa Monica CA, 90404. The shelter is closed to the public and adoptions are by appointment only by calling the shelter at (310) 458-8595, Tuesday through Saturday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. For a full list of adoptable animals, visit

Pet Tip Of The Week: Senior Pet Adoption

A high number of animals that are perfectly healthy with socialized and loving personalities, and who may have manageable illnesses, become too inconvenient for their owners to keep. Far too often, these animals are surrendered to animal shelters, and considered not as cute and attractive by adopters. Leaving them to be overlooked.

The primary category of animals that fall into these criteria are senior cats and dogs. The reality is that most mature cats and dogs are well-adjusted, well behaved, polite, loyal, twice as loving, and more likely to fit into a family permanently. Plus, most geriatric illnesses and treatments are covered by pet medical insurance, and may qualify for funding through animal services non-profits. If you are considering adopting a pet, consider opening up your heart to these worthy and precious souls.

Pet of the Week is provided by Carmen Molinari, a long-time volunteer at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter and founder and CEO of Love At First Sit, a pet care and dog training company in Santa Monica. Learn about her, pet tips, and Love At First Sit services at Snowflake’s bio written by volunteer, Angelina Borodiansky.