Well, so much the American way of tying our health care to our work, as millions are losing their jobs as we speak. We’ll soon lose our private medical care coverage.

People are facing the dismal prospect of having no medical care except to pay the big bucks for the American for profit medical complex service.

“USA, USA” is the chant, but this system is by far, the most expensive and most inefficient health care system in the world. For, we’re obviously not prepared for this coronavirus crisis with not enough tests, not enough masks, ventilators, hospitals, and beds.

Enter Medicare for all.

Americans may not see the cure for the virus for a long time, but Medicare for all is the health care remedy we need now.

And only with Medicare for all will all of us, and the poor, the homeless, the uninsured, the under insured, and the undocumented—who may be afraid to seek help due to deportation threat, can we get the care that will help all of our health and safety.

Work for Medicare for all now before forgetful Americans again return to accept to same old money draining American private for profit medical complex.

Andrew Liberman

Santa Monica

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  1. I am lucky to live in Canada. Our system has it’s deficiencies, but everyone is covered. I am a Registered Nurse and have worked in countries with private systems and remain convinced universal medicare is the only way to go.

  2. ANDREW LIBERMAN: I devoutly hope that you are NOT among the 15% of Sanders supporters who, now that he has dropped out, say –according to a new poll– that
    THEY WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!!! I realize Sanders support comprised an element of extremists, but but this is suicide!

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