Fencing off Palisades Park is unnecessary, and an affront to the citizens of Santa Monica. The only use of the park during the Coronavirus crisis is by individual walkers and runners, some walking their dogs or children, or exercising. I have not seen any groups, and all occupants have maintained appropriate separations. You underestimate the intelligence of your constituents by closing the park, and make life even more difficult during the crisis.

How about closing Tongva and Reed Parks where the homeless congregate and present a greater risk of contracting the virus?

Mr. Cole, Take Down the Fence!

Fredric Reichel

Santa Monica


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  1. I am a 31 year resident and I thank you for fencing off Palisades Park. People had continued to crowd the park daily, ignoring pleas not too. It’s a shame that the city had to act because selfish citizens were putting other peoples health at risk. Stay home! Let’s work together.

  2. Frederic,
    People were in Palisades Park until the fence went up. We should thank Rick Cole for his effort to use signs only at first and then to install the fencing. It was installed to protect us.
    It’s only temporary.
    Tricia Crane

  3. What I observe as so very relevant in this letter to the City Manager is that it is a letter to the City Manager, Rick Cole, and not to the City Council or anyone else in this city.

    This confirms that the highest power in this city is completely in the stone cold hands of our City Manager and every other staff member or person affiliated with this city is really not as relevant.

    How is it and when will this be changed that our City Manager has so much power?

    The citizens of Santa Monica do not even vote for this guy.

  4. That park was packed. How can you honestly say that it wasn’t? Why lie in your article? You honestly think people that live by the park don’t know it was packed with people? You sir are a liar.

    That park needed to be locked down. It was busier than normal because people where bored so they went for a walk in the park.

    How pathetic, you would stoop so low and take a cheap shot at the city manager who’s trying to protect the health of the people in the city. One thing I can’t stand in life are liars that have their own agendas. Go crawl back on your hole, liar.

  5. Mark B,
    Hopefully you have relaxed a bit and now see how foolish it has been to fence off the park.

    A month later, the sidewalk on the east side of Ocean Ave has been more congested most evenings than the park ever was. Pedestrians are often forced to walk in the bike line on the opposite side of the street, endangering both bikers and pedestrians as they try to avoid each other and cars speeding down the street.

    Meanwhile, all available evidence shows the most likely way this virus spreads is through close contact with a contagious person for a prolonged period of time.
    The odds of spreading the virus while walking or running outdoors is extremely low. Forcing pedestrians into traffic lanes to avoid congestion is far more dangerous.

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