The Rotary Club of Santa Monica is currently accepting expedited grant applications for its Community & Youth Grants program from local non-profit organizations to help fund up to $3,500 for additional needs they might have with the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.  Grant applications are being accepted now through June 15. We will do our best to fund as quickly as possible.  Please note that we will not fund costs to keep the doors open or for staff.  We request that a full detail of the use of funds be provided by July 2020 when we close out our fiscal year accounts.

The current round of Community and Youth applications that are not targeted to Coronavirus needs will be postponed.

Applications and instructions can be obtained by contacting the Rotary Club of Santa Monica at or from the Rotary Club website at Organizations must provide proof of non-profit 501(c)(3) status, requested supporting materials, and be able to verify that the funds align with Rotary’s service mission and benefit Santa Monica residents or the community.

Susan Annett, Community & Youth Grants Committee Co-chair

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