Harry Truman succeeded to the presidency upon the death of FDR in 1945 and won again in 1948 in a huge upset over New York Governor, Thomas (Tom) Dewey. Dewey was a short, tidy-looking man with black center-parted hair and a mustache. He was so fastidious one woman at the ’48 GOP Convention said, “He looked like the groom on a wedding cake.”

That description caught on and might have cost Dewey the election. (With all due respect to trans people, it could have been worse for Dewey, at least the woman didn’t say he looked like the bride on the wedding cake.)

“Give ’em hell Harry” was a straight shooter who didn’t suffer fools gladly. Summing up D.C., he said, “If you want a friend in this town, get a dog.” He also had a plaque on his desk which read, “The Buck Stops Here.”

Fittingly, when Truman and his wife Bess left the White House in January 1953, the legend was there was absolutely no 21 gun salute or fanfare of any kind. Harry and Bess merely packed their bags, loaded up the car and, without Secret Service , drove home to Independence, Missouri.

Truman has some bearing to Donald Trump in a a cartoon that’s going viral. It shows Trump at his desk hoarding bags filled with bucks near Truman’s “The Buck Stops Here” plaque. An aide, gently tells the admittedly greedy Donald, “Sir, I don’t think that’s what the sign means. (Apparently it does to Trump.)

In case you’ve been in outer space, the world finds itself in a serious global Coronavirus pandemic which has our country in a panic. And with good reason. As I write this every one of our 50 states has Americans infected with the Coronavirus The number of cases sprinted past 8,977 and the death toll has reached 179. (Hopefully not, but the numbers could double every two days.)

Last in the world in testing, and as we increase tests the numbers will skyrocket. As the esteemed Dr. Anthony Fauci, for six presidents since 1984, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (my old job) says “It’ll get worse before it gets better.” (Thank God we have other experts like Mike Pence and Jared Kushner on the case, though it’s unclear what they’re expert at except possibly kissing Trump’s massive derriere.)

Speaking of derriere there’s a video also going viral featuring what looks like a tough drug dealer furtively looking around for cops as he negotiates with his buyer. “Show me the cash.” As the desperate buyer flashes a thick wad of bills, the dealer unzips his leather jacket and hands over six rolls of toilet paper.

Fortunately, due to a tip from my photographer friend Matt, I was able to procure some TP legally at Smart and Final. I hurriedly grabbed two of the three remaining 4-packs. (I left one 4-pack in the spirit of “it’s not me, it’s we.”)

Meanwhile, as I write this Trump is declaring himself a war president. Two things come to mind, he’s been a war president (Afghanistan) since he took office and it sounds like he may postpone the election or declare martial law.

Of late Trump refers to the virus as the “Chinese Virus” and one of his staff called it the “Kung Flu” to an Asian-American reporter. (Except to idiots, there’s nothing less funny than racist humor.)

Out of the blue, Trump now says he knew all along the virus was a pandemic. Really? They why did he call it a “hoax?” And why did he brag that we only had 15 Americans infected, all getting better and soon the number would be zero? So, was Trump lying then or now, or both?

And why, on February 24, did Medal of Freedom Award recipient Rush Limbaugh compare the Coronavirus to the common cold? (At Fox, Geraldo “the clown,” insists if you can hold your breath 10 seconds, you don’t have the Coronavirus)

And why, in 2018, did Trump dismantle a National Security Council team preparing for when another pandemic? And why did Trump cut funding to CDC by 19% while giving billionaires and corporations tax breaks? And in early February, why did he turn down the World Health Organization test kits causing at least a one-month delay and killing who knows how many?

A few days ago a reporter shouted, “Mr. President, does the buck stop with you?” Trump hesitated a moment and then shamelessly, replied, “Normally.” So Truman said “The buck stops here,” whereas Trump, who blames everyone but himself, says, “It stops anywhere but here.”

With Trump’s lies, arrogance and incompetence, I’d pull out my hair but I don’t have that much left. I suppose it’s fortunate what I do have left is … toilet paper.

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  1. Love it. Always entertained and informed. I didn’t know that was your old job… And thank you for leaving some TP. That next person might have been me.

  2. As I pull down the roll of toilet paper once a day (unless I ate something that disagreed with me), that is the time I think about Trump. The proverbial act of……………………………….!
    That is what he is worth, a used strand of toilet paper.

  3. Well done Jack …Your sense of humor and great writing during these dark days are welcomed ..Thx for all your great weekly articles…..Spot on and May the Forces be with you ..Phyllis

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