On February 21 at approximately 3 p.m.

Officers responded to the 1200 block of the Beach regarding a battery that just occurred. Information relayed to the responding officers was that a nude male in his 20s was pushing a man and acting erratic.

Officers arrived on scene and observed a nude man, later identified as Nicholas Lemus, lying on his back in the sand. As the officers approached the man, who was in violation of the Santa Monica Municipal Code and acting erratic, he stood up and started to run on the sand. As officers were following Lemus the observed him approach many groups of people. Lemus was still completely nude and exposing himself to everyone around.

Officer were able to detain Lemus without incident and speak with him. Officers learned that the original person who was pushed by Lemus did not want to press charges. Lemus was placed under arrest for the municipal code prohibiting public nudity and transported him to the Santa Monica Police Department. Once at the Santa Monica Police Department, officers were able to find his true identity through fingerprints. Lemus, who was originally booked as John Doe, was later booked under his real name of Nicholas Lemus. Nicholas Lemus, 21, from New Jersey was arrested; however, he was released on a citation once his true identity was confirmed.

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