On February 18 at approximately 8:53 p.m.

Officers were in the 1100 Block Montana Avenue when they observed a 1995 Toyota Camry driving in violation of a vehicle code section. The officers conducted an enforcement stop and contacted the driver. Upon contacting the driver, the officers learned that the driver was operating the vehicle with a suspended driver’s license. The officers also learned that the driver has a warrant from the California Highway Patrol for a vehicle code violation. During this enforcement stop, the driver provided the officers with consent to search her vehicle. As a result of the search, the officers found 27 credit and debit cards in the names other than the driver. The driver was placed under arrest for the warrant, driving on a suspended license and the identity theft charges.

Valerie Garcia, 35, from Los Angeles was arrested for identity theft, suspended driver’s license and an outside agency vehicle code warrant. Garcia was held for the warrant.

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  1. The most effective way to deal with her is to impound her vehicle right away. That will cause her a lot more problems than going in and out of jail.

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