Subject: Jaywalking and Safety


Pedestrians need to be more careful especially in Santa Monica with the high density of motorized vehicles and bicycles.

We now have automobiles, buses, scooters, bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians sharing our streets. It behooves all pedestrians to be more careful and diligent when using the streets. There was a young man who ran across the street on a red light when a bus was coming on a green light. The bus drive stopped just in time to avoid hitting the lad. That young man could have been severely injured. Another time a person was crossing the street in the middle of the block quite slowly so the traffic had to slow down.

There are many more examples of pedestrians taking chances in traffic but the point is that pedestrians need to be more careful on the streets to avoid being hit by a scooter or car.

Dennis R. Malm

Santa Monica

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